Classroom Accounts

This service is provided for Florida's Public Educators. Only full-time educators qualify for a Classroom Account, which will be verified.

Account Registration
Account registration is to be done by the person who will ultimately "own" and use the account. A teacher with multiple classes will still have only one account. They can accommodate multiple classes by creating sub-directories for each class. The URL for these classes would chang according to the name of the sub-directories. Sub-directories can be created under the top level directory for the account and can be accessed with an extended URL. A sub-directory by the name of "science", for instance, would be accessed with the URL of:



Users must supply employment information, partial social security number and home contact information to apply for an account. Employment will be verified by the DOE and local principal. If verification and approval are received, the account will be created and the user will be notified via email with account information.

Account Deletion
Due to the quantity of Classroom Accounts, FIRN runs maintenance to maintain disk space and insure accounts for future users. This happens in 2 ways:

Account transfers
Please contact FIRN2 Support to request transfer of your Classroom account to a different school.

Acceptable Use Policy

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