School Accounts

This service is only available to the Florida Public School Districts and Florida Public Schools (K-12) which will be verified.

Each school will have no more than one hosted website.

Each site will have a single contact at the school. This contact may apply online using the same steps required of the Classroom Accounts.

Requests are manually approved through the principal of the school or the highest level of authority in the organization. Once approval is received, the account will be created and the user will be notified via email with account information.

At the beginning of each school year an email is automatically sent to each school principal to verify that the school is using their account and that the contact person remains the same. If no response is received after a specified time, we will attempt to contact the principal by telephone.

If the contact person changes, the school principal or previous contact person must contact our office as soon as possible to update the records.

Acceptable Use Policy

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